Do You Actually Gain Satisfaction by Doing Charity?

The question “Do you achatually gain satisfaction by doing charity?” is quite similar to that of “Can money buy happiness?” However, their answers are a bit different. On the one hand, where it is not always necessary to gain happiness even if one has money to spend in huge; on the other hand, donating money always gives a sense of contentment and soul-satisfaction.

In the modern world a large number of people goes through life with the pursuit of money on their mind, it is often said that money is not the ultimate path towards happiness. However, with resourceful thinking one can draw a correlation between the two factors “money” and happiness”. Both these components are necessary to lead one’s life. Thus one should find a way to spend it in the correct way possible.

One such way is by doing charity. Money donation is arguably one of the noblest forms of humanity, and it brings a sense of gratification when one donates their belongings to the people in more need of those.

Charity depicts the following characteristics of a person-

  • Selfless
  • Kind
  • Sensitive
  • Values
  • Generous

In this world where people do not even take the responsibilities of their own family, doing charity makes a big difference. Also, it is true that doing charity benefits the one who is giving rather than the one receiving it. The advantage lies in the sense of satisfaction and contentment of doing well to others.

Here are a few reasons why one should do charity-

  1. Increases psychological health

A recent study depicts that, it has been found in human nature that one receives the joy of giving in the form of enhanced mental health.

  1. Tax deduction

When one donates a certain amount to a charitable organisation, it gets deducted from their taxes. Along with that, the expenses spent on the travel and other conventions like parking are also included in the taxes. Thus, donating to a non-profitable organisation proves to be advantageous to the donor too.

  1. Social awareness

While giving to a cause, people tend to gather more background knowledge about the cause, and it educates them with lesser known knowledge about a particular field. Thus, they will be well-aware about the social injustices and extend their helping hand to the people in need.

There is no substitute for charity, and one should do it whenever they have the ability to make the change, as a small contribution can go a long way.

For doing charity, one need not possess enormous wealth and monetary resources, but he needs to have a big heart that cries for the needy. Whatever, a person has he can experience the joy of giving just by donating it to the person deprived of it. Materialistic pleasure is not always true, but anyone deprived of it will know the real sense of pursuit of happiness by donating it to others.

Charity is also a way of raising a commission and people are good at doing this. Wealth expands when it is spent in a worthwhile cause like charity. Thus, it is rightly said that “a man’s true wealth is what good he does in this world.”

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