Helping Mankind – The True Humanity without Borders!
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Great thinkers have time and again reminded us that true happiness lies in helping others. Sharing our time, meals, and part of our fortune with the ones in need will guarantee us a lifetime of satisfaction with oneself.

Moreover, most people seeking real happiness have often commented that they tried everything; vacation, owning luxuries, having breathtaking experiences etc. but nothing brought them inner satisfaction. The only thing that could calm their inner turmoil was the moment they encountered that look of thankfulness when they helped the one in need.

The support of science and technology:

This venerable sense of euphoria that one gets after charity is vouched by scientific studies too. Through fMRI technology, it is now clear that giving activates certain parts of the brain that are activated when a person is feeling happy. Thus, charity is an excellent pathway towards personal growth and lifelong satisfaction.

Further, a lot of us who had seemingly lost meaning in life and were seeking for some worthy motto, charity helped them accomplish it. Giving away even a petty sum of money reinvigorated their life and infused their hearts with joy. To realise that there are millions in this world in need of love and care, whom you can help will not only let you live in peace but will make the world look like a better place for these unfortunate ones.

Apart from that, a hand offered for help in this generation will pass on thousands of virtues to the next generation. Your kids and grandkids depend on you for their basic social learning. To donate in front of them will instil a giving mindset in them too. Moreover, the fact of the matter is that teaching your kids charity and moral values is far better than leaving a truckload of cash for them to spend extravagantly.

A lot of people that you may have come in contact with may question you, “What difference will their small sum make? There are millions of needy hands after all”. Well, a simple answer to this would be that one person can’t change the world, but surely one can bring a smile on the face of a distraught, and that is nothing less than euphoria. Moreover, your gesture is sure to motivate others, and soon thousands will join hands with you and hopefully, one day the world would also change.

A little amount can make a lot of difference:

Furthermore, don’t think that you can contribute only a small sum of money and it wouldn’t make any difference. Your penny might be little for you, but that sum can buy someone food, medical facilities, and schooling which is a pretty great deal for them. So, next time you plan to donate, just contribute with a good will and don’t waste your time in thinking about the usage and amount of your charity.

At last, if you feel that you don’t have enough knowledge about who needs your charity the most and whom to donate, just Google it, and you will find ample organizations that can help you. These institutes or homes work as a bridge between the giver and the taker and makes sure that your charity reaches the ones in need. Hence, don’t worry, just give with a kind heart and consider humanity beyond caste, creed, colour, race, sex etc.

“With Malice towards None, Charity for All”

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