Charities and non-profits seem to exist for everything, from ending poverty to fighting disease and sickness, to making sure every child gets food. With so many charities in the world today, all of them growing in numbers to reach more people, it seems like the giving nature of people is more important than ever before.

Charities are important because they focus on the needs of others, often putting the people they help before everything else. They are one of the few special things that come directly from the heart, and someone recognizing a change they want to make before deciding to carry it out themselves.


The purpose of charities

Charities are all for the people in need, giving to those that have suffered war, poverty, or sickness in order to raise their quality of life. They also force people to look outside of themselves and their own problems in the wider world.

Often the divide between the rich and the poor is a lot closer to home than most people think, and charities force people to discover that and rile the urge to help within them. By showing people hunger, homelessness, and sickness that lies under their noses, they also tell people what to do to make a massive difference.

When those people give a large or small amount of their time, money, or items to help others through a charity, it aids everyone. The people who need supplies, education, and money can get it through the charity, and the givers feel better about helping to solve the problem and are more likely to give again.

How charities call people to action

Charities can get the word out through TV and radio spots, gatherings and protests, and even virtual reality- which enables people to ‘see’ the places that their money is going and the suffering that exists there, even if they can’t go themselves.

Virtual reality especially, allows people to go beyond the statistics and truly see the difference that is made when a young girl has water, or a young man has shoes, or a family gets a house for the first time.

Charities that can show the problems and tug on people’s heartstrings allow for a more emotional reaction as people can see what they are giving to fix, as well as how happy people are when they get the results.

Charities expose the problems that are right underfoot, that exist in a home, state, or city, and once the knowledge is shared people can come together to make it better. They show that poverty, lack of education, and discrimination don’t just exist in third world countries, but instead can be just a few streets over.

Giving to charities

With so many charities to choose from, finding one to support is easy, and by becoming disgusted, upset, and determined to fix whatever problem that the charity wants to end, the giving will come easier.

The local and global charities in the world are important to work with and support, and until the problems go away for good, they will stick around.

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