Why Humanities Matter Now More Than Ever?

Somehow along with the digitalisation and science advancement, the human touch is lost. People seem to have become robotics and work as per the whims and fancies of industrial revolution 4.0.

As civilised human beings, think about it, are humans not born to be free? With so much tension around the globe from wars to droughts to terrorism, it is an eye-opener for if at this stage people do not find suitable methods to safeguard humanity, humanness can be lost forever. It is for this reason that humankind and study of it matter much more than ever.

Ultimately what is humanity?

Humanity is bestowing the quality of being humane. It shows benevolence. The fellow-feeling, kindness, consideration, tolerance, leniency, mercifulness, charity, magnanimity and much more are the qualities that human beings have been are bestowed with. The sense of belonging should strive hard.

Importance of humanity

During early years of education, subject such as Moral Science was imbibed in the curriculum. It stated the several qualities, vices and virtues that mankind should understand. Over the years, the essence seems to have lost. The growing intolerance of religion, jeopardy of nations, wars amongst countries, is belittling the entire existence of humanity.

Humanity teaches that there are several languages, histories, cultures than just one area specific. It helps to think more creatively.  The idea of humanity is to develop information and remain a sincere citizen of the world.

The study of humanities shows the facts of the pasts that in turn help to know the present scenario. Today most of the issues take place due to ignorance and negligence of knowing the past. Much of the contention arises merely unnecessarily without the in-depth knowledge. When there is humanity, it allows people from different cultures to communicate and understand each other with their present differences.

Why humanities matter so much?

A great human being improves the quality of people around him. The aim of humanness is not to get a job opening but to yield and cultivate an individual to a responsible citizen. There are institutes creating classes, groups, programs and events that enrich and strengthen the cultural part of humanity. It brings the wisdom and imagination of the humanities into the lives of busy people. Classes in literature, philosophy, history, political science, arts etc. are essential to commensurate with the human nature at large.

Just like when it comes to job openings, people are groomed towards traits such as customer beneficiary focus, communication with impact, building a positive relationship, public speaking, adaptability, resilience, result driven, commitment and more are required. Similarly, the quality of humanity needs to be ingurgitated. In the process to outperform from each other, the basic essence of humanity is lost. There is absolutely no point in being the CEO of a company if he has not valued the kernel of humanity- values.

Values teach everything and absence of it makes room towards misguided opinions, cusp into mobocracy.


Humanity is not going against technological advancement, but to live in the present along with the past. It teaches us to enhance our critical thinking ability, analysis and creativity. It allows you to commiserate with someone in spite of your own beliefs. That is the magic of Humanity.

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